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HiHead Boy & Head Girrl, we are two pupils at Eagle CP School and we are also known as Head Boy and Head Girl. Our school motto is `Small School, High Flyers` and at Eagle we all know each other really well. That why it’s so easy to make a friend. We thought we should tell you a bit about our school.

The staff make lessons really fun and exciting but what stands out the most is how hard they work to make us the best we can be and help us get the right grades for the future. Break time is fun too because we have an amazing Trim Trail, huge football pitch and two tyre parks on our playground.

Every Wednesday we have PE with an extremely fun teacher called Mr Rose. Each lesson he teaches is fun and it encourages people to do more sports.  He also runs two school clubs which are great fun too.  As well, we have other before and after school clubs and the club choices are phenomenal as there is football, dodgeball, MSP multisport and many more.

Head Boy and Girl means a lot to us and we were VERY shocked when our names where read out.  On behalf of us and everyone else at Eagle School, we hope you enjoy this website and we hope you pay a visit to our school. If you need any further information on how great our school is, please let us know.

Evie (Head Girl) and Thomas (Head Boy)

This year at Eagle School, the whole school voted for a Captain and Vice Captain for our House Teams.  They lead our sports competitions and encourage the school to work hard on getting reward points each week.  This year they have taken on the responsibility of organising play equipment at break time.  Here they are:House Captain Hurricane

Hi, I’House Captain Lancasterm Charlie, house captain of Lancaster and I'm Erin, Vice Captain.  As a team, Lancaster regularly win the trophy for house points across the school. 

Hi, my name is Maddie and I am Hurricane house captain, my brother William is Vice Captain.  Just like our team, the Hurricane fighter plane was known for being incredibly strong!

Hi, my House Captain Spitfirename is Leah and I am Spitfire house captain, Lewis is the Vice House Captain VulcanCaptain.  We enjoy trying different activities and giving them our best shot, which we will try to do as house captains. 

Hi, I’m Callum and I’m Vulcan house captain handed over from Ross who is this year's Vice Captain.  We are very competitive and love to win (but taking part is more important). 


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