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We have developed an engaging curriculum approach to enthuse our pupils by Providing Real Opportunities for Joint Education through Challenging Tasks ~ ‘Project’.  We have based our philosophy on the Mantle of the Expert approach in which our pupils become the experts in their chosen field of study. Pupils take responsibility for their learning and solve problems which emerge as they journey through the twists and turns of the Project.

We take advantage of our knowledge of pupils’ preferred way of learning to aid their grasp of new concepts through lessons which immerse pupils into the context of the learning; both through the visual display, the environment, an artefact or scenario and the activities the pupils engage in.

This enables thinking skills to be developed across the curriculum by empowering learners to own and personalise both their independent and co-operative learning, develop skills of research and investigation, learn to self-assess and to have a positive sense of self as an active learner of key skills as guided by their class teacher.

Click here for examples of some projects completed so far, check out the Class Pages or call to find out more.

For detail on our core subject coverage click on the links below as applicable to the term:

Foundation Stage

Autumn Term 1   Autumn Term 2   Spring Term 1    

Key Stage 1

Autumn Term 1  Autumn Term 2  Spring Term 1  Spring Term 2    

Lower Key Stage 2

Autumn Term 1    Autumn Term 2     Spring Term 1    

Upper Key Stage 2

Autumn Term 1  Autumn Term 2  Spring Term 1  Spring Term 2  Summer Term 1  

We endeavour to deliver as much learning as possible through our Project approach. There are times when we deliver discrete and technical level lessons to cover subjects which stand alone at times or to ensure that core skill levels will enable the children to apply their knowledge successfully.  Below are several links to pages which may support some of these technical aspects of learning:

          Phonics ~ all about letter sounds              Handwriting Style         Grammar and Punctuation

          Phonics Bug ~ scheme and readers          Times Tables                Amazing Writing Advice

          Phonics Handout March 2016                    S.P.A.G March 2016      Online Safety

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